Chemical and Phisical Changes

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Title: Chemical and Physical Changes. Purpose: To determine the differences between chemical and physical changes when they happen. Materials: Five test tubes, Bunsen burner, crucible, test tube holder, triple beam balance, ring stand, triangle, evaporation dish, wood splint, copper turnings, copper (II) nitrate, dilute nitric acid, Ba(NO3)2, Na2CrO4, FeCl3, KSCN, AgNO3, ammonium dichromate, safety goggles, and matches. Results: 1. Data table (see attached page) 2. Questions (1-3): 1. A chemical change usually foams, sparks, explodes or …

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…In this lab, we conducted many experiments to see if chemicals and elements have a reaction together. We were to determine if the reaction was chemical or physical change. We were supposed to give examples to why they were chemical or physical changes. Most of the chemical combinations led to a chemical change. I think the best example of a chemical change was the ammonium dichromate experiment, because it showed the most examples of change.