Cheetah and sloth

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There was once a cheetah and a sloth, the cheetah was fast and quick while the slob was a total slob. The cheetah ate consistently but he ate healthy but on the other hand the sloth ate all time and ate fatty foods. One day while the cheetah was chasing the wild boar, he stopped and saw the mangy sloth eating fatty worms instead of the fresh leafs off the tree. "What is your problem, …

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…fine! I'm not healthy!" yelled the sloth " I realized that." said cheetah "Ah! I think I'm having a heart attack! help me!" yelped the sloth The cheetah jumped really high to get where the sloth was but its was a minute too late. The sloth had just died of a blocked artery. So next time you see your self eaten boxes and boxes of Bonbons make sure you exercise it all off and eat right.