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Cheerleading: Sport or Activity Introduction I. Classification A. Sport 1. definition 2. game B. Activity II. Objectives A. Responsibilities 1. leadership skills 2. sound judgement B. Standards III. Traits A. Skill 1. flexibility 2. coordination 3. strength B. Benefits 1. self-esteem 2. discipline 3. positive attitude IV. Competition A. Type 1. head to head 2. individual B. Competitive Cheer 1. popularity 2. scholarships V. Bias A. Congress 1. Title IX 2. Beliefs B. Administration Conclusion Cheerleading: Sport or Activity? Many cheerleaders have often found themselves standing on the sidelines at a …

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…as cooperating and teamwork. If a cheerleading squad cannot cooperate, stunts cannot be done safely and accurately and people get hurt. Other sports encourage team cooperation, and they may lose a game if they fail to cooperate. What does a “sport” have that cheerleading does not? We practice, compete, have rules, go through training, sweat, get hurt, and dedicate our lives to cheering. There is no reason why cheerleading should not be considered a sport.