Chaucers attitude towards wealth

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In the masterpiece, The Canterbury Tales, Geoffrey Chaucer described his characters by classification. Chaucer describes the character’s wealth as an impression on the character, good or bad. Chaucer’s attitude helped to create feelings for the characters that were described throughout the work. Chaucer attitude towards the guildsmens’ showy wealth was opposing of their real character. For example, they strongly represented “one impressive guild-fraternity” (13) with showy clothes and admirable gear that they wore. The …

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…should be earned. The plowman did not waste his money on himself instead he gave it to the church “for love of Christ.” (17) What is the right way to show off your wealth? Each person showed their wealth in different fashions equal to their place in society. Chaucer showed through his attitude that some characters show of wealth was a better choice compared to others, but each character was proud of what they had accomplished.