Chaucer and Feminism

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The most potent form of criticism that a writer can use is satire. Satire is a form of irony wherein the speaker uses false praise in order to condemn an idea or event. Chaucer was a pioneer in the realms of English and criticism. He popularized the use of the satiric mask. A satiric mask is when the writer has the speaker like or support something for trivial and unjustifiable reasons. By having the speaker …

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…other ways, that they should use sex as a way to ensure that marriage consists of two people of equal importance. Her beliefs ensure that the wives of controlling men have a safeguard against being totally powerless. She describes this arrangement by saying that her husband “shal be bothe my dettour and my thrall”. She is describing how her husbands need her for gratification as she needs them as well in a sexually dependant way.