Characterization of Araby

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Characterization in "Araby" Characterization is a major part in many short stories. The characters in a short story shape the story to make it more interestingto read. The main character of a story usually has human personalities that are familiar to the reader. All boys have a "crush"on an older girl when they are young. In "Araby", James Joyce showsall the feelings and emotions of a young boy's love for his friend'solder sister. The …

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…end, he is left with a dark emptiness in his soul and bitternessin his heart. At the beginning of the story the reader can see that the narratoris fond of Mangan's sister. The story ends with the narrator beingbitter as he is disappointed with Araby. The outcome of the story isnot tragic, although the narrator is bitterly disappointed. James Joycedid a great job throughout the story showing the young narrator'sinfatuation for a friend's older sister.