Characterisation of Teddy in THE HOMECOMING

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Explore the characterisation of Teddy and his significance in the play as a whole, starting from a close examination of his words and behaviour on p.86 to p.89 (‘I think we’ll go back…” to “You just rest. I’ll go pack”). We see straight away that Teddy, who ostensibly should be relaxed in his home, is tense. He talks incessantly, posing questions and seeking reassurance, while Ruth speaks and acts with confidence. When Teddy …

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…lacks the moral courage. Although he does not like the family’s way of life he ultimately proves himself to be wholly conversant and submissive to it. One is left unable to disagree with the statement Pinter himself made to John Lhar ‘that if ever there was a villain in the play, Teddy was it’ and the identical words of Sir Peter Hall and Paul Rogers that Teddy is ‘the biggest bastard of the lot’.