Characterisation of Ophelia in Franco Ziferelli's Hamlet

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Characterization of Ophelia in Franco Zeffirelli's "Hamlet". The Zeffirelly's version of the Shakespeare's "Hamlet" offers the viewers a luxury of seeing the characters of the renowned play in the magnificent settings of a Romanesque castle located on the shore of the North sea. Far from avant-garde interpretations and radical changes in the plot and the text, Zeffirelly, nevertheless managed to make some alterations to the original play that added new meanings and dimensions to the …

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…truly compelling image of Ophelia in Zeffirelli's film combines beauty, intelligence, innocence, and strength. The interpretation of her character varies significantly from the one depicted in Shakespeare's play. Although it may be more appealing to the contemporary audience, we must not forget that Medieval women had more freedom, rights and power then Renaissance women. By setting the play in the mid fifteenth century, the director may be justified in making such changes to Ophelia's characterization.