Character in A Good Man Is Hard To Find

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Views and Characters Flannery O’Connor wrote the short story, “A Good Man is Hard to Find” in the hopes of portraying to the reader the racist views of the time: many of the ideals possess “a kind of holy madness or beauty.” (Kirszner 238). These are the words mentioned in Literature, and express the emotions that O’Connor made the grandmother experience in the story. The story takes on a sort of irony throughout to …

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…cleverly masks the grandmother as a saint, but we later discover the truth about just how perverse she is. The “beauty” and “holy madness” is evident throughout the entire story and illustrated best when the characters interact. Works Cited Mandell, Kirszner &. Literature: Reading, Reacting, Writing Compact 4th ed. Fort Worth: Harcourt College, 2000. Evans, Chris. Site visited January 20, 2000. 2000. Babycenter. Site visited January 20, 2000. 2000.