Character analysis of Guest's Ordinary People. Analyzes Cal, Beth, and Conrad and how there actions are related.

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"2. Are the characters in Of Human Bondage people of great strength or of great weakness? Support your theory." (Guest, 150) As corroborated by this statement, often in novels there are characters with diametric mentalities; of strength or weakness. Likewise this trait is omnipresent in Guest's Ordinary People. Each individual character possesses a degree of vigor or frailty, each which outline their respective actions towards themselves and others as well as their motives. In line with such, …

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…great 19th century French theorist and author Andre Malraux had once said, "When man faces destiny, destiny ends and man comes into his own." In assertion of this statement Conrad is truly a unique individual who while directly plagued by his parents idiosyncrasies, chooses his own destiny. At this point in the novel, Con exhibits many traits analogous to that of his parents, but it is too soon to determine and assert to there extent.