Character Sketch of Mimi Menlo(In Dreams)

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MIMI MENLO is one of two main characters in this short story. She is not just one character among several, it is her thoughts and actions that we focus on since she is one of the two main characters. We take on Mimi's viewpoint and judge her by her actions and see what kind of moral fibre she is made up of. She has many faults but not many that cannot be forgiven, we see …

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…wonder if Findley purposely named her Mimi "Me Me" to emphasise her selfish nature. Findley has created a very interesting character in Mimi because she is very much a sincere character. When an author stirs up a story by creating a character like Mimi, it draws attention to her train of thought. Ironically, in doing this, he gets us to analyze our own way of thinking about certain situations that cause problems in our lives.