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In today's society, high levels of stress can lead people to od some flamboyant things. Whether it is anger, alcohol, or violoence, there are many methods to vent out stress. In this case, Charlie's Dad seems to vent out his stress by being obnoxioous and repulsive to others that seem to be weaker than he is. It appears that Charlie's Dad does not even take into consideration the fact that charlie might never wnat to …

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…his problems by hiding and not facing them face t- face. He turned to alcohol, anger, and carelessness. Through his ignorance and repulsive atttiude, he pretty much ruined his only chance to have a good relationship with his osn. No one should ever have to say, "I should have done this, or I should have done that." Society must come face to face with their pproblems and never hide their problems with alcohol or etc.