Character Changes Involving Antigone and Creon

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In Sophocles’ Greek tragedy, Antigone, two characters undergo character changes. During the play the audience sees these two characters’ attitudes change from close minded to open-minded. It is their close minded, stubborn attitudes, which lead to their decline in the play, and ultimately to a series of deaths. In the beginning Antigone is a close minded character who later becomes open minded. After the death of her brothers, Eteocles and Polyneices, Creon becomes the ruler …

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…deaths in his family. Creon was a proud man, but with time and consequences he learned to be wise. Antigone is a tragedy that involves the changing attitudes of two characters. It is through the changes made by Antigone and Creon from close-minded to open-minded characters that the play becomes a tragedy. With Creon’s stubborn laws and Antigone’s stubborn opinion in the beginning of the play, the tragedy may take place. Bibliography none