Character Change, Illustrated in Deliverance and Invisible Man

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Character Change Brought on by Setting, Illustrated in Deliverance and Invisible Man Plot setting is a crucial aspect of any novel. It delivers to the audience the atmosphere which the novel itself is taking place. In both Deliverance and Invisible Man setting illustrates to the reader where the novel is happening, what time frame the novel is placed in, etc., it also serves the protagonist in the novel as well. What the setting accomplishes in …

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…from the other members of the group. Both novels express how setting can be used to illustrate a change in the character's mind. While Invisible Man has a multitude of many different experiences, and goes back and forth like a ping pong ball, Deliverance has one more profound and concrete turning point. Each of the novels expresses that there is a direct link to the protagonists tranformative experience and the setting which he is placed.