Character Analysis within Kate Chopin's Literary Works

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The female characters portrayed in Kate Chopin's literary works are insecure, unsatisfied, unsettled, and searching for a personal identity free from societal pressures and influences. Chopin's works, "The Storm," "The Story of an Hour," and The Awakening, express the women protagonists' quests for individuality and their equal desires to overcome societal pressures. Kate Chopin acknowledges sexuality in women and women's rights in a time period where these were unspoken and unacceptable. In "The Storm," Calixta …

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…the society. As a result, the women protagonists of Kate Chopin, bound to societal regulations, found it very difficult to break away from the norms and become a unique individual. Some of the characters' lives were taken due to this quest for individualism. The society of the 19th century, portrayed through Chopin's literary works, can serve as a model for appreciating the unrestricted society (in terms of individualism and uniqueness) in which we live today.