Character Analysis of Anse Bundren

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Character Analysis of Anse Bundren Anse Bundren is an ugly old man. He is probably in his fifties or sixties. He is very ugly. He has terrible posture and a hump in his back. He looks like he never shaves in a scraggly way and his face is very wrinkled. It isnít tan because he never spends much time in the hot sun. He has no teeth which is probably his most distinguishing characteristic. …

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…even grieve. This proves that Anse Bundren is all words just as Addie said. If he meant that he loved her, he would have at least waited before remarrying. Anse is completely words which are not real to Addie. I canít stand Anse and as a person, he is a total loser. He should think of someone other than himself one day. His physical description can make someone cringe and so do his actions.