Cesar Chavez Mural

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CESAR CHAVEZ MURAL The artist who painted the Cesar Chavez mural was Emigdio Vazquez. He painted the mural as a tribute to Cesar Chavez, because Emigdio wanted to paint a heroic and poigmant mural taht would celebrate his life and all what Cesar did for the farm workers. On the mural Cesar Chavez is surrounded by some of his compatriots in the farm workers movement, like Dolores Huerta, Luis Valdez, Fred Ross, Sr. and many …

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…to the first union contacts in farm labor history. An important milestone was the passing of the California Labor relations Act. The Chicano/a movement, influenced by the Civil Rights Movement of the 1960's, grew out of alliances between farmworkers struggling to unionize in California and Tezas. A chicano artist produced this mural on memory of Cesar Chavez and his movements in favor of the civil rights of the farmworkers in California, Texas, and Arizona.