Ceremony- a book report including indian culture and mythology

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FEAR=DESTRUCTION “They fear They fear the world. They destroy what they fear. They fear themselves.” “They will kill the things they fear all the animals the people will starve.” “They will fear what they find They will fear the people They kill what they fear” (Silko 136). Leslie Marmon Silko uses these three short passages taken from an ancient Indian story included in the novel Ceremony to express and convey the idea that the white …

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…to use an ore rock, streaked with powdery yellow uranium (Silko 246). Uranium was a main component used to make the atomic bomb. When the atomic bomb explodes it kills all life forms in its path, leaving radioactive waste to ensure there will no longer be life. If the Indian story is true, a nuclear war will be the human event to end all human events. Works Cited Silko, Leslie Marmon. Ceremony. New York: Penguin Books, 1986.