Censorship in Australia

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No society has ever existed, as far as we know, which has not exercised some form of censorship over the conduct and opinions of its members… Good morning teachers and students. Censorship by the government infringes upon the rights of the individual and inhibits freedom of expression. Now, censorship is a broadly used term so what exactly IS censorship? Well, censorship is defined by the Australian Macquarie Dictionary as ‘the actions of a censor – that …

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…information, but in varying degrees of freedom, determined not by censorship, but by controlled access. The government is trying to protect the population from the harsh realities of life through censorship of information, but are they really helping, or are they hindering by restricting the individual’s freedom to information in a supposedly democratic nation? Make up your own mind….. it’s freedom of choice… Glyn Newton Ms Ahrens/ Mrs Edwards Yr 12 ENGLISH Argumentative Speaking