Censorship, and the way it effects our everyday lives.

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Censorship - The debate Censorship of pornographic material of all types is not a new phenomenon and has been debated nearly every time a new medium of distribution has emerged. The Internet has been no exception in this regard. Given that the issue has been around for a while, it is necessary to understand some of the general arguments made for and against the censorship of pornography before discussing the specific challenges brought about by …

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…expression has become a rarely questioned part of liberal theory that is routinely invoked by contemporary theorists, both in discussions of pornography and in the more general accounts of justice proposed by influential thinkers like John Rawls, Jan Narveson, and Michael Walzer." Clearly, Mill and the harm principle are at the center of this debate, but what is this classic account of freedom of expression which Mill proposed, and what are some of its implications?