Causing Generation X

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Teenagers wasting 2.3 million dollars worth of gas a year driving around the same block. Kids at the mall for the sole purpose of shop-lifting. Underage consumption parties. Stealing lawn ornaments. These are just some of the effects of Generation X growing up. The main cause of this destruction of youth is the crumbling of families. No more “Wait until your father gets home from work and ask him” but “I wonder if we’re going …

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…emotions control me instead of the “dream” I should have to get a house with clean dishes in the cupboards, working everyday so I can pay the bills the next. Maybe Generation X thoughts might not be so bad after all. The baby boomers, “peace, love and folk rockers”, and the 80’s children have given us a name. As the proud clothing company bearing it tells us to “know who we are”. And we do.