Causes of the Russian Revolution

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Causes of the Russian Revolution The Russian revolution was caused by the continual breakdown of the governments in Russia and the incompetency and authoritarian views of it's czars. Their failures as leaders included policies that neither pleased nor benefitted the people. By the end of the nineteenth century, Russia's economy, government, military, and social organization was at an extreme decline. Russia had become the least advanced of the major European nations in terms of political …

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…in Petrograd soon spread throughout the city and had become a widespread revolt. The resulting revolution proved to restructure the politics in Russia for years to come. Bibliography Bibliography Campling, Elizabeth. Living Through History: The Russian Revolution. London: Batsford Academic and Educational, 1985. Hayden, David. "Russian Revolution." Merit Students Encyclopedia. New York: Macmillan Educational Co, 1982. 16:241©3 Robottom, John. Russia in Change. New York: Longman Group Ltd., 1984 Trueman, John, et al. Modern Perspectives. Canada: McGraw©Hill Ryerson Ltd., 1979.