Causes and Events Leading up to the Revolutionary War

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For the past two-hundred and twenty-five years, the United States of America has been its own empire. However, prior to this time, this country was the equivalent of young child, trying to find its own identity. Great Britain was the mother country for the colonies that had settled onto North American soil during the 1600’s. For a time, Great Britain guided, supported, and ruled this new world. As the colonies settled into the Eighteenth century, …

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…taxes, and disciplines placed upon the colonies between 1765 and 1775, none of them by themselves would have caused too much of a stir. However, with each action quickly succeeding the previous one, over this ten year period, the colonists were faced with little choice. Ultimately, the rebellion took over, and with those infamous “shots heard around the world” at Lexin! gton in 1775, the course of American history, and world history for that matter, was changed forever.