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Catholic Relief Service in Afghanistan The Catholic Relief Service (CRS) is an agency created by the catholic community, funded by the US government and donations, to help communities that are in need. In order to better understand the CRS, there has to be an understanding of what is CRS, what programs CRS offers, what programs CRS is offering to Afghanistan, and are those programs effective. What is CRS? Catholic Relief Services was founded in 1943 by …

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…Afghanistan. CRS says they need $50 million. CRS has raised $2.5 through donations, and the US government has contributed $1 million. That puts the agency $46.5 short. The programs in Afghanistan are ineffective. (4) CRS is an excellent agency. The idea for providing for needy individuals is a just cause. The only problem is the program lacks the funds to be effective in Afghanistan. Without the money all CRS is in Afghanistan is a band aid for a severed limb.