Catcher in the rye and For Esme with Love

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There have been many great authors to this date in history, as we know it. In my lifetime, J D Salinger is one of the most famous and powerful authors I read. "J D Salinger, one of the world's most influential and reclusive authors…" (Brooks Richard, The Sunday Times pg 3) states Richard Brooks from "The Sunday Times". One of Salinger's greatest achievements was the novel "The Catcher in the Rye". I heard about he novel …

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…throughout this essay. Though, these stories never lost my interest as I read them and compared them. J D Salinger makes both of these stories personal as you read them which makes you want to read more even though you notice that you have finished the book. Nevertheless, what is certain, is in the near future, I will be going to my local library to try and pick up another one of Salinger's great work.