Cash Crops: The Devastation of Latin America. L.A.contains two valuable commodities,one being cocaine,and sugar, the people will continue to suffer due to the lack of distribution of wealth

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Cash Crops: The Devastation of Latin America When Columbus first set foot on the new land his inspiring forces were gold and silver. On his second voyage he planted sugar cane in what is now known as the Dominican Republic. The crop would later become know as "white gold" which suites the crop perfectly considering the quantity of wealth it would produce. For three centuries after the discovery of America, sugar was the most important …

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…we may never see an end to this horrible tendency. 1.Title: Faces of Latin America Author:Duncan Green 2.Title: Open Veins of Latin America Author: Edward Galeano 3.Title: Peasants, entrepreneurs, and social change: frontier development in lowland Bolivia / Les-ley Gill. Author: Gill, Lesley. 4.Title: Sugar and seasonal labor migration: the case of Tucumán, Argentina = Azúcar y migra-ciones estacionales: el caso de Tucumán, Argentina / by John A. Kirchner. Author: Kirchner, John A., 1943-