Case Study for Human Resources

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Role: Edmund Graves, personnel manager used to consult legal, moral, and personnel practices. Graves, employed by Walker Space Institute for fourteen years, has been asked to supply guidelines and recommendations surrounding the pending cutbacks of the engineering department. Problem Definition: Walker Space Institute requires the elimination of three engineers due to industry cutbacks. In doing so, Walker must evaluate each member and induce cutbacks which mitigate social, economic, and legal considerations while exercising higher regard …

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…Function) Step 5. Help with out placement assistance. Involves HR Department to help dismissed employees to establish employment with another firm. Serves as a reconciliation process as well as improving external images of Walker. (Konvonsky & Folger, 1991) (Human Resource Function) Step 6. Meet with remaining employees to discuss concerns and inform them on any pending situations. Meeting such as these help employees believe their needs are being considered as well as easing tensions. (Greenhalgh, Lawrence, & Sutton, 1988). (Management Function)