Case Dismissed

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Case Dismissed A Jury of Her Peers by Susan Glaspell is a story of a woman named Mrs. Foster-Wright. She was a woman who was taken to jail after a man called Mr. Hale and his son came to see if her husband, Mr. Wright would like to join in with the other neighbors to get a phone. As Mr. Hale comes inside, he notices Mrs. Wright sitting in her chair acting very nervous. He …

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…not a "lonesome place"(192) and was living with Mr. Wright"(187). This life was no life for any woman. In conclusion, the lesson learned in this story is "Desperate times call for desperate measures" Prior to meeting her husband, Mrs. Wright was a happy woman. To everyone around her she was a sensitive, creative and submissive person. What made her finally lose it all and end her marriage in cold blood; or was it self defense?