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Caryl Churchill Who is she and where did she come from? Caryl Churchill is one of England's most premier female, post-modern playwrights. She has strived throughout her career as theatrical personality to make the world question roles, stereotypes and issues that are dealt with everyday, like, violence, and political and sexual oppression. She has been part of many facets of performance throughout her almost sixty year career. Not only has she been a strong force …

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…still writing plays and changing her style. She has written musicals and many plays with two unrelated acts that somehow are intertwined. She continues to question society with such works as Blue Heart, Hotel, and Hot Fudge. Bibliography Works Cited Asahina, Robert. The Hudson Review, XXXIV 1981. Churchill, Caryl. Cloud Nine. Pluto Press, Ltd. London, 1979. Kritzner, Amelia Howe. The Plays of Caryl Churchill. St. Martin's Press, NY, 1991. Wandor, Michelene. "Free Collective Bargaining", Time Out, 30. March-4 April 1979.