Carthage and The Punic Wars

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Carthage was first founded as a trading post in the year of 814 BC. Carthage was founded by the Phoenician Princess Elyssa-Dido on a peninsula from Africa which extends into the Mediterranean Sea. According to legend Elyssa_Dido fled from her brother Pygmalion, the king of Tyre, after he killed her husband. The post benefited from the vast market for the goods that it traded and grew in importance quickly. It first had warehouses in which …

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…treaty was agreed upon, but then the Romans increased their demands, wanting a total abandonment of Carthage. Facing these claims, Carthage renewed fighting, and soon entered a three year long siege. When the Romans finally breached the walls, one week of fighting occurred inside the walls of Carthage. Carthage was burned to the ground, the ground was sprinkled with salt so that nothing would grow, and the people were either killed or sold into slavery.