Carl Sandburg

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Craig Collins Per. 2 Eng. 11 As a child of an immigrant couple, Carl Sandburg was barely American himself, yet the life, which he had lived, has defined key aspects of our great country, and touched the hearts and minds of her people. Sandburg grew up in the American Midwest, yet spent the majority of his life traveling throughout the states. The country, which would define his style of poetry and his views of society, government, and …

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…famous was unique and original on its own, yet this did not make him an American influence. His views on politics were different than most people's views, yet his beliefs and his understanding of the democratic system allowed him to express his doubts and express his concerns for the American people. This allowed others to take an honest look at the American way of life and it's flaws. Sandburg was, put simply, An American Influence.