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Carl Jung was born in 1875 in Switzerland. He was a disciple of Sigmund Freud. He helped Freud “develop and refine psychoanalytic theory.” (Zimbardo Pg.391) After a conflict between them Jung and Freud separated. Jung wrote a book called Symbols of Transformation. In which he disagreed with Freud’s ideas about repressed wishes. Jung also disagreed with Freud on how import Freud thought sexuality was. Carl Jung emphasized that the unconscious determines a person’s personality. …

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…then in their own life. They are outgoing and friendly. They enjoy being in social situations. Jung claimed “ few people have all pairs of forces in balance. Usually one is more dominant determining a person’s personality.” ( Zimbardo Pg.392) Jung determined that self-actualization should be emphazied. He challenged Freud and showed how the notion of personality types is made his theory” the basis for the most widely used psychological test in the world.” ( Zimbardo Pg. 392)