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My favorite country in the world When you think about all the countries in the world, it is quite difficult to decide on one particular favorite. There are just so many great nations, great people, and great cultures. But one country that has really captured my attention has to be the great island of Martinique in the Caribbean. A beautiful place to be sitting under the shade drinking a cold glass of lemonade. Martinique is …

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…of flooding during its rainy season from June to about October. The last hazard has to be dormant volcano, Mount Pelee. Mount Pelee is also their highest point at 1,397m. Martinique is relative a safe place, only averaging about one natural disaster every five years. That brings us to the worst disaster in the history of the island. Mount Pelee, dominating the scene of the island, erupted on May 8, 1902 destroying the city of Saint Pierre.