Capoeira-itsnot just a dance

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Every country has one or more folk dances. Each one is performed differently than the other, although they might have originated from similar backgrounds. One dance that particularly captures my attention is the Capoeira. The Capoeira is a Brazilian folk dance that started out as a fierce form of self-defense and has now become a friendly dance between a circle of people. To better understand and familiarize with the Capoeira we must learn how and …

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…dance that has a fascinating history and has greatly evolved from the time it began to the world of today. It is not used only for enternainment, but also for Aerobic exercise. When practiced frequently, it conditions and develops the muscles, especially the abdominal muscles. The Capoeira is a big part of the Brazilian culture, and even if it someday it is no longer practiced, It will still live on in our body and soul.