Capitalism in mass media

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Capitalism in mass media - E.W. "Media are special because of the uniqueness of the product the business deals in. The commodity the media business sells is our most precious: news, opinion and ideas." (Chadwick 1989:221) Capitalism and its values are nurtured within the mass media. Popular American films have carefully targeted particular markets to sell the idea of a successful capitalist system. Competition, progression (, technology) and economic rationalism are some of the components that …

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…media can entice us to become involved, just as it can dismiss an issue not relevant. It is these decisions, which dictate how the population feels and responds to whatever values the media presents us with. Bibliography Beder, S. (1997) Global Spin, Melbourne: Scribe Publications Chadwick, P. (1989) Media Mates, Australia: Macmillan Chomsky, N. (1988) Language and Power, New York: Black Rose Books Chomsky, N. (1988) Manufacturing Consent, USA: Pantheon Parenti, M. (1986) Inventing Reality, New York: St Martins Press