Capital Punishment

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CAPITAL PUNISHMENT Records of the early use of capital punishment, "legal infliction of the death penalty, " are dated all the way back to 1750 BC. Research has shown that during the colonial days of the United States, the death penalty was strongly supported and often made a public display. Many later saw this as inhumane and soon led to changing views on capital punishment. These changes later led the Supreme Court to abolish capital punishment in 1972, …

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…vs. Georgia. VI. A need for a higher punishment for higher crimes. A. Make a noticeable difference between murder and other crimes. B. Proof that this idea works from watch other countries. VII. The support from the society. A. Why the society defends the death penalty. B. Points of which the society uses in defending the death penalty. VIII. Arguments of those who oppose the death penalty. X. Concluding thoughts of reinstating the death penalty.