Capital Punishment

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Capital Punishment Can you imagine getting the death penalty at the age of 16, especially if you are innocent. These things happen in our courts and it is an embarrassment to our country. Capital punishment is, in many ways, a miscarriage of justice. It is wrong to execute people who may be innocent. It is wrong to execute people who are victims of discrimination. A major problem with the death penalty is the expenses. It costs 3.1 …

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…The US is the only NATO country which currently executes its citizens. Capital punishment may actually aggravate crime. Homicide rates from 1902-1963 in New York State (which carried out more executions during this time than any other state) showed an average of 2 additional murders in the month following an execution. Obviously, capital punishment does not stop crime. It makes it worse. I think capital punishment should be against the law and banished in all 50 states.