"Canterbury Tales" by Geoffrey Chaucer.

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Love is a very complicated matter and it is hard for one to tell when there is really true love. Geoffrey Chaucer portrays love, honor, and emotions in "The Franklins Tale," of The Canterbury Tales. The story explains the difference between love and honor and how hard it can be to tell them apart. Since the story takes place in medieval times there is the affect of courtly love and chivalry as well, which impacts …

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…for her husband and also honor to the same extent, which is why deciding what to do is so hard. Arvéragus on the other hand has no problem in deciding what to do because he is a knight, and grew up with a strict belief of chivalry, which stresses the importance of honor. Although Aurelius is the "bad guy" and intervenes with Dorigen's marriage, Dorigen does what is right and her marriage is saved.