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In Chaucerís day women were thought of in lesser regard than men. Their positions in the community were less noble and often displeasing. The Canterbury Tales, written by Chaucer, is about a pilgrimage to Canterbury. Along with the narrator (Chaucer), there are 29 other Canterbury pilgrims. Not surprisingly, only three of them are women: the Prioress, the associate of the Prioress, and the Wife of Bath. Each traveler is to tell two tales to make …

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…had Chaunticleer killed. Ultimately, these four stories in The Canterbury Tales depict how women are the cause of a manís downfall. Although the roles are not positive, Chaucer has given females a significant purpose in his book. Through these tales told by men, it is easy to see that a womanís superiority is not in government or in the work field, but, most certainly, over a manís nobility and life. Word Count:1495