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Canevin Catholic High School offers many extra curricular activities. Those students geared toward the physical challenges may choose from various athletic programs such as, basketball, soccer, and football. On the other hand, there are additional activities for those more interested in a mental challenge. These students may join such organizations anywhere from FBLA to Forensics. However, of all the extra curricular activities offered by Canevin, none excites me more than Dramatics. This paper takes a …

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…members their ability, courage, and commitment in creating the annual school musical. The Dramatic program continues to surprise its supporters with innovative musical theater. Through my experience in putting on a musical, I have learned what it means to work as a team. The camaraderie was intense and rewarding. I look forward to this year's production of "My Fair Lady," and to once again contribute and experience the magic of the stage. Bibliography Rich Lieb