Candide by Voltaire

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In the novel, Candide, Voltaire uses many literary writing tools to prove the points in which he believes. Some of these many literary tools are irony, satire, and symbolism. Through these tools, Voltaire proves that greed is a universal vice, and usually ends in ones own destruction. Voltaire strongly emphasizes his pessimistic view throughout the story. During Chapter 10, he uses his philosophies, as well as other literary tools, to present greed as a devastating factor …

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…through greed. Even though the underlying tone of Voltaireís story of Candide is pessimistic, it heavily relates to contemporary times. The truth is that much of our once pure world has been corrupted through humanís own self-indulgence. Much of what a person walking down the street of New York City might see as vice, is shown throughout this story, by use of satire, irony, and symbolism. Voltaire. Candide. A Bantam Book, New York, 1981.