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In Voltaire’s “Candide” the issue of humans being confused creatures is seen through the main character, Candide. Like Candide many wander searching for ultimate happiness which they sometimes mistake for wealth, beauty, or power. In some cases, people become so obsessed with such desires that they lose consciousness of morals. Often resulting in them stealing, lying, or even killing to obtain such needs. In Candide’s case it was Cunegonde which he thought could …

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…used to maliciously harm it is no longer moral nor does it grant self happiness. Lastly, the book “Candide” vividly describes the horrid outcomes of relying on wealth, beauty or power to fulfill self happiness. The characters help teach how it is common to desire, but wrong to obtain needs unjustly. Although Candide’s want differed in it being Cunegonde he still realized that like money, beauty, or power another can not offer self happiness.