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Voltaire’s Candide Optimism vs. Reality Thesis: The story of Candide deals with irrational ideas taught to Candide about being optimistic, versus reality as seen by the rest of the world. I. Optimism – Overwhelming theme A. Candide learns optimism B. Pangloss as a very hopeful character C. Twist in the themes of the story II. Contrast within the Story A. Martin as a pessimist B. Effects of the optimism on Candide C. Voltaire’s view …

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…its zest, and not try to find a deep hidden meaning. Candide's learnings and the events that happened to him affect his character in many ways. He learns to become his own person, to accept life for what it had to offer, 6 and that not everything had to be analyzed to decide whether or not it was good or bad. In this way, Candide can be an example for all those who read his story.