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“all is for the best” echoed Pangloss of Voltaire’s Candide (Lamm 175 ln 46). Pangloss believed that if something happens, then it is for a reason. He held that the, sometimes, bitter end—effect—was justified by the predestined and inevitable means—cause. Pangloss represented the attitude of eternal optimism, which was prevalent during the Renaissance period. However, the state of affairs of the Renaissance was pessimistic to say the least. Through the misadventures of Candide, …

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…hadst not guessed at this abomination; it is the end. I must renounce thy optimism.”(Lamm 182 ln. 760) With this statement, Candide declared that all is in fact not for the best. By and by, Candide finds himself in Turkey and Fortune’s wheel pointing more toward the side of weal. But, he has seen too much come easily and go quickly to take his present condition for granted, and is content with cultivating his garden.