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Benjamin J. Koerner English 2100 Prof. Kantor Final Essay essay #4 Voltaire’s Social Commentary In Voltaire’s Candide, Voltaire presents a story with a distinctive outlook on life. He tells of a world that has gone mad and is laced with evil. Voltaire questions optimism, philosophy, and absolutes. Through his story he exploits absolutes such as: justice, happiness, true love, humanity, brotherhood, and many others. He leaves the reader feeling that the world really is a …

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…feeling that the world is cold and lacks a recognizable purpose. At the end Cadide returns from the cold world and removes himself from the corruption of society only to isolate himself in his work. Only here can he safeguard himself from the evils abroad. This is the only place he could find happiness even though he searched for it through out the world and was rudely awakened finding himself discontent and craving something else.