Camus philosophy as revealed in L'Etranger

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In L’Etranger, Camus uses Mersaults’ experiences such as his mothers’ death, killing the Arab, the trial, and his interactions with other characters throughout the novel to convey his philosophy, which satisfies all principals of existentialism. To convey his existentialist philosophy, Camus uses the death of Mersaults’ mother in the beginning of the novel. On the first page, Mersault is more concerned about the exact time of his mothers’ death, and not the fact that …

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…how most people would. In conclusion, Camus writes the novel in such a way that every thought and action of Mersault is used to portray his existential beliefs by showing that Mersault goes against everything that is defined as ‘appropriate’ in society. Camus has managed to do this well enough that one who did not have much knowledge about existentialism may gain an insight of what it is, and the beliefs that an existentialist has.