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As most of the emperors of ancient Rome were given different names then the names they had at birth Caligula was no different. Caligula's real name was Gaius Caesar Augustus Germanicus and he was born at Antium, 25 miles from Rome, in 12 AD Gaius was a turning point in the history of the Principate, but he also was the one emperor from the Julio-Claudian dynasty who was very poorly documented. (Bibliography # 2). Gaius was born on August 31, 12 …

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…to be a parties representative. Bibliography Bibliography · (1) · (2) Fagan, Garrett G., 2October1997 · (3) Armstrong, Martin A., Monetary History of the World, Princeton Economic Institue, 11/01/96 · (4) Balsdon, J.P.V.D. The Emperor Gaius. Oxford, 1934 · (5) Barrett, A.A. Caligula: The Corruption of power. New Haven,1989 · (6) Ferrill, A. Caligula, Emperor of Rome. London, 1991 · (7) Wood, S. "Diva Drusilla Panthea and the sisters of Caligula." AJA 99(1995): 457-82