Caligula: In Sickness and in Wealth This is a term paper about the life, reign and downfall of the Roman emperor Caligula

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History has shown that power corrupts and absolute power corrupts absolutely. The Roman emperor Gaius "Caligula" represents a perfect example of this truism. Caligula's abuse of power resulted in his own death and the lives of many others. Gaius Caesar Augustus Germanicus was born August 31st, 12 A.D. at Antium1 as the third of six children of Germanicus and Agrippina. Germanicus was the adopted grandson of Augustus and was adopted by his paternal uncle Tiberius2. …

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…and addresses of people whom Caligula had planned to kill. After a long three years, Rome was finally relieved from the iron fist rule of an abusive and sick emperor. Caligula's career illustrates how absolute power with no restraints leads to easy corruption and abuse of two kinds: personal and official. Caligula abused the power he was unrightfully given, and his shortcomings led to his own demise and the sufferings of a naturally strong empire.