Calculated Captivity

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Calculated Captivation “Goodness comes from within, 6655321. Goodness is something to be chosen. When a man cannot choose he ceases to be a man.” In Anthony Burgess’ A Clockwork Orange, a sadistic adolescent of the not-so-distant future is ‘rehabilitated’ of his violent nature by a special conditioning treatment. This fifteen year-old hoodlum Alex McDowell is ‘cured’ of his savage activities but when released back into a still violent society, he is a misfit. Anthony Burgess’ skillful …

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…presented in the book is so powerful because its focus pierces the reader so severely, that one is left to wonder how today’s society is manipulated. Burgess’ convictions on free choice and oppression are clearly stated, and hidden in the dark satire of the violent tale. As a reader, it is exciting to be not only captured by the story, but also to be involved as the author proves his remarkable skill of manipulation.