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Caborn The topographic map that is the study area is the Caborn quadrangle. This area is located in the southwest area of Indiana and on the south is bordering the Ohio River. The topography of this area is pocketed with gently rolling hills with the largest depression in the land just north of the Ohio River with Goose pond located in the center of it. This study area is located in the Wabash lowland of …

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…a humid, continental climate with warm summers and cool winters. The average temperatures for this region vary from 37 F in the winter to 80 F in the summer. The growing season is approximately 180 to 210 days with the average annual rainfall of 45 inches. The forests of this region consists of deciduous trees, mainly oak, hickory, maple and ash. The study area is in the southern region of the Corn Belt and the major cash crop being corn.